Manual Burr Coffee Grinder


The best coffee starts with the beans and the grind. Reward yourself with the best cup of coffee possible with this beautiful stainless steel precision manual burr grinder. Easily adjustable with over 18 grind settings to suit your taste and is compatible with all brewing styles. Simply remove the grind cup and turn the adjuster knob right for a finer grind or left for a coarser grind. This grinder offers many distinct and unique features like: Lock-Tight design which secures the grind cup and the hopper cap to the grinder body makes this grinder easy to open and close, no need to worry with metal swelling or misalignment which are common issues with slip-fit manual grinders. Collapsible handle makes this the perfect grinder for travel or camping its compact and lightweight. With an angled body it fits perfectly into your hand which makes manual grinding smooth and comfortable.

  • Built in Adjuster Knob - Choose the precise grind for your brewing style. Over 18 grind settings perfect for: Espresso, Pour Over, AeroPress, Cold Brew, French Press, Chemex, Keurig K Cup, Vietnamese, Turkish, Percolator, Drip, Herb, or Spice.
  • Lock Tight Capsules - Only grinder available with this feature. One easy click and the hopper and grind cup lock into place. No swelling or sticking issues common with slip-fit stainless steel models. Secure and mess free.
  • Collapsible Handle - Found only on the Maranello Caffé grinder, is Stainless Steel and secured to the grinder with an adjustable fastener is compact and easy to store. The Perfect Grinder for Camping or Travel!
  • Ergonomic Shape - Thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly into your hand for better grip make the grind motion smoother and more comfortable. Won't slip like round grinders.
  • Ceramic Burr - Beans are ground rather than chopped for better consistency and flavor profile. Hand grinding won't heat your beans

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5 Stars Quality, easy to use! Good present!
By CoffeewithTK

Love this grinder! Easy to use.. the handle is attached making it a lot easier grind than other brands. And easy to change courseness. Quality product. I’d recommend to anyone.. Will shop with MC again!!!

5 Stars Great choice!
By Amanda

Awesome product, great price! Easy to use and works perfectly! Smooth transaction and fast shipping too!

5 Stars It's great and enough to make a good amount of coffee
By Dario

It's great and enough to make a good amount of coffee. The quality is good and I really like that the grinder has its own reservoir. Great product for a great price.

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